Applica Test & Certification AS

Applica Test & Certification AS offers accredited testing of environmental properties and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The company also offers accredited air measurements and functional testing of alarm systems. We offer product certification and issue product certificates (Schemes 1A, 1B and 5 for alarm products) and Type Examination certificates for EMC and RED directives.

Applica Test & Certification AS (ATC) is a private, independent company without external funding/financial support.

The Contact page can be used for requests for testing and applications for certification.

The certification process will include establishment of a Certification Agreement (CA) where certification scheme(s) and procedures for granting and maintaining certificates are clarified. The CA will also clarify rights and duties for both applicant and ATC, and will specify scope and cost for the certification process. If relevant, the CA will also define requirements, restrictions and limitations on the use of ATC’s name and Notified Body number.

A copy of the template for CA can be requested by sending an e-mail from the Contact page.


Applica Test & Certification AS holds accreditations by Norwegian Accreditation.

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Product testing

Applica Test & Certification AS provides a large number of accredited tests.

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Alarm product testing

Applica Test & Certification AS has comprehensive knowledge in testing and certification of alarm products and systems.

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Notified Body on EMC and RED directives

Applica Test & Certification AS is Notified Body for the EMC and Radio Equipment (RED) directives.

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Alarm product certification

Applica Test & Certification AS provides certification according to a number of alarm standards.

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(Norsk) FG-201 Sertifisering av alarmforetak

Applica Test & Certification AS tilbyr sertifisering og godkjenning av alarmforetak etter FG-201:1.

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Air emission measurements

Applica Test & Certification provides accredited measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions at site.

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EME consulting

Applica has more than 27 years of experience as consultant in electromagnetic environment issues.

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About us

Applica Test & Certification AS offers accredited measurements and testing of conditions such as climate, mechanics and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

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Complaints and appeals

Click here to see our procedure for Complaints and appeals.

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Radio Equipment (RED) testing and certification

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