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EME consulting

Applica has more than 30 years of experience as consultant in electromagnetic environment issues. We have assisted a number of shipyards building both naval and commercial ships in the process to achieve a high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and optimum performance for the different systems.

We have developed EMC specifications for complete vessels and assisted equipment manufacturers in during design of systems with significant EMI control challenges.

We have also assisted equipment and system suppliers in their task to design equipment/systems with required EMC properties.

Applica experience includes the following electromagnetic environment related competence areas:

  • EMC specification development
  • EMC management
  • EMI control during equipment and systems design
  • Topside design (ships and other maritime platforms)
  • Installation related security technology (TEMPEST protection)

EMC consulting and design assistance

Applica has assisted a number of equipment manufacturers and system integrators in their process to design a product/system with required EMC properties.

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EME management

From the early 90’s Applica has been EMC-manager in many complex projects, e.g. during building og the Norwegian Navy MCMVs and Coast Corvettes (Skjold class).

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Installation with focus on Security (TEMPEST)

Installation related measures are important to prevent unwanted coupling of classified information.

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Top deck design

The main goal for a top deck design process will be to find a best possible compromise for the best overall performance for the integrated system.

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Training EMC

Applica Test & Certification has provided in-house EMC training for a number of equipment/system designers/manufacturers and shipyards.

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