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EMC consulting and design assistance

We have assisted a number of equipment manufacturers and system integrators in their process to design products/systems with required EMC properties.

We have done on-site measurements to clarify EMI propeties in cases when it is not suitable to perform testing in an EMC lab. E.g. IEC 61800-3 states: For large Power Drive Systems (PDS) (category C4 equipment), the user and the manufacturer shall agree on an EMC plan to meet the EMC requirements of the intended application. In this situation, the user defines the EMC characteristics of the environment including the whole installation and the neighbourhood. The manufacturer shall provide information on typical emission levels of the PDS which is to be installed. The EMC plan is developed to clarify EMI control measures to be implemented to ensure that EMC is achieved.

We have done analysis and studies to clarify requirements for different equipment based on concept, product type and intended environment.

Applica has also been engaged for development of EMC-specifications for different types of vessels.